"Amy Montanez is a superbly gifted counselor, spiritual guide, teacher, and writer. She is one of the most discerning persons I have ever known, and I count myself fortunate to have been at times her companion on the way to knowing God, myself, and my fellow human beings."  

E. Glenn Hinson, Professor Emiritus of Spirituality and John Loftis Professor of Church History, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia

"Amy Montanez has a gift of embodied presence that somehow helps bring the truth alive, for a client or a whole room.    Amy is a gifted therapist, teacher and spiritual director.  But none of these talents reveal the essence she brings which is both of  groundedness and Spirit  --  that makes her counseling, teaching and directing sparklingly alive and vital.”

Don Carroll, Director of the North Carolina Lawyer’s Assistance Program, Attorney, Life Coach and Spiritual Director, Charlotte, NC.

"I continue to confidently recommend Dr. Amy Montanez to the community at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (Columbia). Through the years, a number of students and family members have benefited from her insightful guidance as they have grappled with personal or family issues. I have come to appreciate both Dr. Montanez's genuine compassion for her clients and her artful approaches to therapy. Her reliable and wise care has made a positive difference for many of us."

John Largen, Pastor to the Seminary Community.

"I know Amy as a small group facilitator and retreat leader which doesn’t say much at all on the face of it. Mostly I know Amy through those roles of hers to be a woman with a great and contagious zest for life, sensitively listening and generously speaking, so that others somehow catch a vision of a fuller way to be."

Reverend Mary Moore Roberson
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Columbia, SC

'' For more than seven years, I have experienced the giftedness of Amy as a clergy group supervision facilitator, as well as a Spiritual retreat leader. What is most unique about Amy is her ability to weave the therapeutic and spiritual into a a language that speaks to both the heart and soul of each of us on the journey.  

Perhaps above all else Dr. Montanez approaches her work from a deep rootedness in a personal faith and spirituality, that gives all of her leadership and teaching a rare integrity and truthfulness often missing in the 21st century.''  

The Very Rev. Dr. Philip C. Linder, Dean
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, SC

Amy's writing is from the heart to the soul. In her witty, conversational style she reveals, in surprising ways, how the sacred and the day-to-day are conjoined in one inspiring and miraculous whole.

Peggy Van Antwerp Hill, Ph.D., Canon for Communications
The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina

"Early in my career, Amy offered me the opportunity to create and co-lead women's spirituality  retreats with her. In those10 years of annual planning sessions and wonderful exhausting marathon weekends, I experienced many of the most growth enhancing, nurturing and fulfilling experiences as a therapist.  I already loved Amy because she is fun, dedicated, and real. In designing those retreats with her, I came to love her incredibly sharp mind, guided always by her huge compassionate heart, and powerful drive to create.  But it was her endless support and nurturance of my expression of my own gifts, that  made co leading with Amy a perpetual exercise in growth for me.  And perhaps that is the gift of Amy's that I have benefited m ost from over the years:  her ability to encourage and support my use of my own gifts in the world.  Being a co-leader with her made and continues to make me better at manifesting all that is within me."

Barbara Austin, MSW, colleague and friend

"I have always been a listener, usually knowing more about friends and acquaintances than they know about me. So to have a friend who listens to me, who in fact encourages me to talk about anything and everything, has been invaluable to me in my middle age. Better yet, this friend happens to be Amy, who, along with extraordinary listening skills, brings to her profession many gifts, some acquired through years of experience, study, and practice. However, her greatest strengths, I believe, are those innate qualities within herself: her genuine compassion for people, her deep, grounded faith, her love of the arts and the creative process, and her optimistic, joyful spirit."

D.S. , Columbia, SC
"When I came to Amy Montanez, I was broken in many pieces.  Through her strong, yet sensitive guidance, she helped me pick up each piece and put it back in place.  Today, I not only feel whole for the first time in my life, but look forward to each day with a feeling of joy and anticipation." 
AHP Columbia, SC